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 Learn Traffic Generation Methods For Income Delivery

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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

There are many ways of marketing your blog posts but I would say that Article Marketing could be amongst the popular ones. Article Marketing really does work very well but there might be a lot of people that disagree with me here. I will tell you right now that if you want this Internet Marketing Strategy to work very well for you then you will have to put your doubts that "it just might" work to the side and actually NEVER think that it will be hard to get the results you want to get with Article Marketing.

One very important thing I have learned about getting traffic to your sites online is to really start working on your goals from the inside out - instead of from the outside in. What I'm trying to say here is that you need to have the right mindset when you are working to accomplish your goals online. You definitely need to have the right attitude and approach every situation you come across in the best way possible.

The best way to approach each one of your goals is by writing them down in a notebook or piece of paper you can read on a daily basis. Reading your goals every day is pretty much telling your Brain what it needs to focus on as much as possible and that will manifest in the way your put in the work towards your goals. If you don't remind yourself about the goals you are going after then your brain will most likely shut down on you and you will not be as productive as you can be - your will brain will not work at its best potential - causing you to burn out very quickly and even think about quitting on what's giving you a headache.

I just wanted to share with you a little bit of self-improvement information so you can approach this Article Marketing Strategy the best way possible and that can be the difference between getting good results or just burning out with another internet marketing strategy. The results you get with what I teach here, though, will definitely depend on you, your productivity and your consistency. At the end of the day the only ones that will make this work is the people wants to make it work the most - it all comes down to how bad you want to succeed with it.

Article Marketing is just another type of marketing something online. In this case you want to use Article Marketing to increase the number of people visiting your Blog Site on a daily basis. It is not a challenge to start getting couple visitors a day, every single day to your Blog - all it really takes is learning the right information and doing the right things. It is also crucial to be as consistent as possible with the process and never quit.

Let's get down to business now....

How can you increase the traffic to your Blog with Article Marketing?

The answer is as simple as the process to get the best results. Like I have mentioned above - consistency in here plays a HUGE Part in the type of results you get. The more consistent you are with the process the better results you can get. You just need to Take Massive Action with the necessary work - as much action as you can ever put into something to make it happen.

Making money online with a Blog is the best that can happen to you - I'm telling you from experiences. Once you start making good money online thanks to your blogs - your life changes completely and you start feeling a different type of freedom in life. When you no longer depend on any J.O.B. or anyone or anything else to live the way you want to live, have all the time to do whatever you want and make money at the same time - you will be a much happier person and probably live longer than the "average" person working from 9 to 5 all their life.

Building a successful blog can COMPLETELY Change your Life for the Best!

Let's talk about your Blog now.

If you are not blogging daily - you should be but it is not really very necessary to make your blog a successful one. The content you publish on your blog is very important, of course. And when we say Important, we should think more of Quality than Quantity. The more valuable and interesting your blog post is, the more traffic it will get when you do the right marketing and focus with the right mindset.

You can write from 3 to 5 great blog posts a week and that should be enough to build a successful blog site. The key to accomplish this, though, is in the Quality of each one of those Blog Posts - and well of course there is one other key factor for the success of a blog and that is its marketing. Promoting your blog posts is also a very important key to success.

I would say that you need to spend way more time marketing/promoting your blog post than writing the blog post. Most successful bloggers will agree with this and if you asked them - they will confirm this to you. Great, not good but Great Marketing + Great Quality/Valuable Content = A lot of Traffic and that means a lot of potential to earn money from the revenue. You have to be very confident when you do the work and try to do a great job - I always say great instead of good simply because good is just not good enough for me! LOL

So now that we know where we stand with the content of our blog and how much we need to market the content - we can now come up with an Internet Marketing Strategy like Article Marketing for example. Article Marketing will be one way to drive readers to your own blog, your main blog. Remember to work on your blog and make sure everything is ready to go before you start marketing the hell out of it.

Make sure your blog loads fast and that you are publishing very valuable blog posts every week. Do not forget to work on the conversions and that your blog design is well-monetized with banners and call to action to your affiliate links. All I'm saying here is that you need to make sure your Store is Ready for the Public and that you are always filling up with fresh products - makes sense? ..

If you do not want to deal with all of the technical things that comes with building a successful blog site -  you can take a short-cut and click here to buy a pre-built powerful viral blog site.

Now that you have a good blog site with weekly valuable blog posts - it is time to start driving traffic to it. You will spend way more time doing the marketing process than writing the blog posts. Be ready for that.

Once you are done with a blog post for the day - the next thing you want do right away is promote the url to your blog post as much as possible. In this case you will promote your link in as many article directories as possible.

Here is the simple process you need to follow to get results with article marketing:

1 - Sign up in as many Free or Paid Article Directory Sites. You can Download my personal list in a Text File - click here.

2 - Bookmark all of the sites where you are an Author and are able to publish articles. Keep everything organized in your computer and Internet Browser.

3 - Every time you publish a new blog post - get ready to write a related new different article for each Article Site you are using. Make sure you have the link to your blog post at the end of the article or in the signature. You can do the same process to keep promoting your Home Page as well - you can do this process as much as you want and get traffic to any link you want depending on the Article Directory Site of course.

The more article directory sites you publish an article on - the better results and the more traffic you will get - plain and simple. If you do not want to burn out fast by writing ALL of the articles yourself then start thinking about investing in article writing tools and services. Investing in the right things is also key to be in profits with article marketing very fast. Read a review of one of the tools I personally use for my article marketing needs: Article Builder Review

4 - The last step here would be to RINSE & REPEAT. Do this entire process as much as possible, as often as possible and as consistent as possible until you get the results you want. There is no secret sauce in this recipe to success with article marketing - just understand this very well and put yourself in the winning side!

I really hope I have put this information in my best words and that you are able to understand it all. Article Marketing is a very simple way to promote your website and you can do it! ...


I wish you the best success ever!... Please don't forget to leave your comments below and show some love!!...





- Freddy Gandarilla

“The Blogging Alien”

Connect with me!

>>Skype: Freddygc1988


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...what is success?? ..

...what is success to you?? ..

Have you ever asked yourself this? ..

I know everyone would like to be successful in their lifetime but not everyone will.

What does it take to become successful at something?

To me success is just a word created by a human - just like the language we speak and the way we communicate. Words, words, words, different languages but always the same messages. If you are someone that questions EVERYTHING in life, just like me then you might find what I write about here very interesting.

Success is just getting what you want in your life PERIOD.

And if what you want in life is living a peaceful and healthy life without having to worry about ANYTHING at all then it might be a HUGE challenge to accomplish that in the world we live in today.

Sadly the world is running the wrong way. Sadly there are evil people that ONLY care about themselves and that's it. Sadly the world has been put on the wrong path to prosperity and peace. Of course there is always hope to fix everything and there are millions of people that can join forces to fix the mistakes of others.

It is a matter of time the world becomes the REAL World it should have been from the get-go. A world without Paper Money (currency). A world without Borders and different Nations. A world without evil people. A world without Governments controlling people. And I could go on for a long time here.

I like to know-it-all - but not in the way where I am a douche-bag to people because "I think I know it all". What I mean here is that I am very passionate about understanding things about this Planet, this World, the People living on it and most importantly about this thing we all call LIFE.

What is the true meaning of life? ... anyone ever asked themselves this question?? ...

I'm sure most people has....

Sometimes we could get lost in our own thoughts when we keep digging up with questions and that could really make someone break down for a moment but that is fine. We need to break down sometimes in order to get back up. There is no point on being alive if you never go through things like this - what is the point of being alive if there is never any pain in it? ...

Pain is what keep us alive and strong. Failure is what causes us to become successful. So we could say that everything happens for a reason.

Everything is connected to everything.

We are all connected to each other. YOU, reading this right now, you are connected to me and to every single living things on this planet. If you know your stuff when it comes to science then you should know that the Core material a living thing is made of would be ATOMS. Now, what are atoms? ... the simple answer would be ENERGY.

So we are all made of energy. Every living thing on this planet is made out of Energy and energy as you know is pretty much connected to any other type of energy. You need to understand that we are all truly connected to each other and because of that we have a HUGE impact on other living things.

This is why you can literally feel a vibe of bad or good energy from someone. Have you every felt something like this before? ...

There are a lot of things you should learn about yourself, humans, this world, life, etc..... and you should learn something new daily if you can.

Learning new things until the day you die is what will give you the success you want in your life. You can't accomplish what you want without the learning process. This is why we tell kids to stay in school and to go to college and then to continue studying for a very long time but schooling it is not a must-do in order to become successful in life. Learning is - and what do we do in the School System? ... we always learn new things...right.

I have learned over the years that the School System Today is just Wrong. Don't get me wrong, though - schools are great for learning but not for success. Success comes from your own mind and from you putting all of the pieces together the right way. This is why very few will actually accomplish the life of their dreams after college or "school".

Why do you think there is a huge gap between successful people and unsuccessful people? ... especially when you everyone went to the same school and had the same education and heck! ... even the same teachers.... why one individual would succeed and the other would not??...WHY??

It is not because one is more powerful than the other one or because one had an advantage over the other one. The reason is because one knew how to put everything together the right way and to have a vision to go for. Why would two individuals that had the same education and went through the same situations in life have a different life-style? ... you can think about two brothers in this example if you want..

We all have equal powers and we all have an equal opportunity to succeed no matter what situation we are in or what has happened in our lives. The only difference we can have from the successful people would be that we haven't tapped into that Power yet. If you haven't accomplished your goals in life yet, it is no because you do not have what it takes but it is because you do not know what it takes. All it really takes is the inner-power you already have inside of you - you just need to realize it.

I know I just rambled about different things here but this post was for me to vent and to just talk about anything I want. This is my Blog after all - right! .. lol :)

I'm still on my own journey to my success in my life and I intend to help as many people as possible in the process and as long as I am breathing on this Planet. My journey began the moment something happened inside my mother (thanks to my dad of course lol) and a new life was created.

Your journey through this world will never end and even when you die - your energy will remain amongst us. My beliefs are a bit different from the average person and that is because I like to know-it-all so I search for the answers and I can never get enough. I believe we never actually die and that our Physical body dies but not our minds, our energy. You might disagree with me here and that is okay - I respect your beliefs as you need to respect mine.

I'm still on my journey to my success and I'm not even half way there. The day my body dies is the day my journey on this earth as a human being will end but then a new journey will begin - as a cloud of energy floating amongst the physically alive. It might sound a bit creepy to you but that is what I believe will happen to me and pretty much to you too.

Here is a little bit about me and about my life so far.....

I found myself laying in bed staring at the ceiling in the dark wondering what is the true meaning of life - I found myself in a lot of darkness in the past couple of months. I told myself I was going to accomplish many things in my life and so far I have been struggling A LOT. I have been down like never before in my life, I have let myself down in so many ways and sometimes I thought I was dying slowly. I know I'm only 25 years old but when you find no reasons to keep on living, your body and mind sort of give up on you.

I have a long story behind me and I plan on telling my story through my blogs and I might consider writing an interesting book based on my life journey. But that will be for the near future. Right now I'm still climbing my way up the mountain and there has been storms and avalanches coming my way - gotta overcome my challenges before I tell you about it in details.

What is happening here is me coming out of this darkness and these deep waters that kept me drowning for a long time - I am finally coming out to breath fresh air and continue my journey. I had to hide in the cave because all of these storms coming my way - but the sun is coming out and it is time I write on a daily basis. I told myself I was going to blog daily but did I fucking do it? .. kind of did.... actually nahh I did not! ..

I pushed forward even when I was down. I never stopped dreaming and having faith that I will accomplish all of my goals in my life and help you do the same. Even when I thought I could not go on with this - deep inside there was a voice telling me a story - my own story. This is why I am here now writing this and sharing my thoughts with the entire world. Like it, love it or hate it - I'm going to put it all out there so join me on this journey and especially if you want to become a successful blogger online.

This is my time to say.... I'm still in the game and I am recovering from the storms that came my way.... I cannot become a wussy and live with it... can you?? ..

Anyways... I just wanted to share a little bit of my mind today and I will be doing it every day. I hope I can inspire you in any way possible!

Talk to you to tomorrow....


Thank you for listening Universe!




- Freddy Gandarilla

“The Blogging Alien”

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There are many single internet marketing strategies you can learn to start getting free traffic to your websites right away and today you are going to learn a bit more about 3 of them.

I have been online for a bit over 4 years now and I have learned a lot of internet marketing along with experience. I have also failed many times and I have made so many mistakes that cost me a lot of money. I have also invested a lot of money on my Internet Marketing Education - and today you get to learn what I know for free. Your Lucky Day.

If you are a complete newbie online and you don't have a blog site ready to go yet, do not worry - click here to get a pre-built blog site ready to go!

I highly recommend people to have their own Blog Site Online if they really want to create a solid income stream from the internet. You need to have your personal blog for your online branding. You want to be recognized for your accomplishments and be known as an expert in your field. Of course you can own as many blogs as you want and you can use them for a good SEO strategy for your Main Money Blog.

Before we talk about 3 simple internet marketing strategies you can start using today to start getting free traffic to your websites for free - I want to talk to you about what it will take for you to become successful with this. I really need you to have the right mindset - learn what you need to learn to do whatever it takes.

Understand what the process is and what it will take from you to do it all and do it right - because you really want to accomplish your goals. Then just DO IT. Use whatever you can for motivation and inspiration to keep going when you fail or do not get the results you want - just keep going. You will accomplish your goals with this type of thinking.

You need to be aware of the hard work you will have to put into these internet marketing strategies. You will have to learn daily or at least as much as possible every week. Just make sure you know something new every week. Grow yourself with knowledge if you want to grow your wealth in life.

I really want you to get the results you are looking to get and the only one that can make sure it happens is YOU. So do it. Learn, take massive action, get results and then teach it to others. Help others accomplish what you have accomplished so far - become a leader online.

This is the best way to approach this information and the goals you have right now. You need to make it happen no matter what - take the information you learn today and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!

Today you are going to learn about 3 single internet marketing strategies to drive free traffic to your websites. Here are the 3 internet marketing strategies:

  • Forum Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Article Marketing

You can definitely get free traffic to your websites by following simple steps in each marketing strategy. It is all about consistency and hard work, so be ready for it. I have also recorded a video where I talk about these 3 ways to get traffic to your site for free - watch it and take massive action right after:

Once you have learned the necessary information to start getting free traffic - it is time to put in the work and time to get the results you want. There is not much more we can say about these strategies to promote a website online - the concepts to get the job done are very simple and I'm sure you can agree with me here.

The number one reason why someone would not get results with this information here - would be someone that does NOT TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. That's it.

Here are the basic things you need to know about each one of these single internet marketing strategies:

Forum Marketing - This is where you use Forums Online to engage with people and connect with them in a very close way. The main mistake people make here is throwing a selling pitch too soon. To begin with - Success here is about Helping others get what they want for you to get what you want. You need to TRULY want to help people succeed and really show them that you care about them before they can buy from you.

The best sales you will ever make are the one that will come from people begging to buy from you. The best way to be that person is by caring about your people, care about your followers and truly be part of the help they need to accomplish their goals. Become a great leader to the people you connect with in the Forums.

The best way to become known in the forums is by sharing more value than everyone else in the community. Share unique and valuable information with the only intention to help and not to sell. Forums have something called a Signature Box below every Post you publish - this is where it will be up to the Forum to let you have a link to your website or not.

Your job here is to find the Forums that allow you to have a link in your signature box. Find those Forums on your Niche and start interacting with people - make new friends that could be your potential team members in the future and just grow your followers number.

I would also say that the same things that work on Forums work on Social Networks. Forums are just the old fashioned social networks from the past - before Social Networks became cooler and connected people in a faster and different way. You can go to www.big-boards.com to find a Forum in your Niche and start taking massive action to get free traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing - Facebook is the number one social network online that is still growing today and it has a huge potential to help you grow a following online. Of course there are other social networks people use and this information applies to all of them - I just know that most people reading this would probably have a Facebook account and has been marketing in Facebooks Groups at some point.

Facebook Groups are like Forums - the last update post will always come up the top. This is also a great way to get eyeballs to your website - you just need to genuinely connect with people and solve their problems before anything. You want to apply the same things I talked about to connect with people in the Forums - in the Social Networks as well.

The key here is to Truly want to Help People get the results they want to get. Once you really understand this and you start helping people succeed - you will start to see some success around your way too. Is a win-win situation - just try not to Focus too much on the money and focus more on the Value you put out.

Article Marketing - This is just a different way to communicate on the internet and as I was talking about above in the Social Networks and Forums - you want to provide VALUE in your articles. Make your article very valuable and as unique as possible. You will also want to grow a following with the articles you publish online.

You will have to use many different article directories to get the best results here. You want to market your website by publishing a lot of articles related to your website all over the internet space. You want to solve people's problems in your niche and then tell them to visit your website if they like the value they can get from you.

This concept of marketing with articles online is also very simple and I hope you understand what I'm saying here to you today. Just get to writing and do not be shy behind the keyboard - get typing. Let all of your thoughts out and learn how to be open and a good writer. The hard work WILL pay off, trust me.

Articles are a great way to send a message out to the masses online. So if you want to make your website popular online then publish articles all over the internet until you get the results that you want. Of course it sounds simple and it will be hard to get done - that is not something I'm trying to hide from you.

Click here to download my personal list of Article Directories I use.

You will have to put in MASSIVE ACTION here and a lot of writing, time and effort too. EVERYTHING Will Pay Off - and that is the beauty of it all. Financial Freedom is just right around the corner when you start generating money online on autopilot. You can finally spend more time doing what you love and still get paid.

Making money online from websites is just an awesome job and probably the coolest job on planet earth - if you agree with me then let me know in a comment below :) ..

Thanks for reading this!


I wish you the best success!




- Freddy Gandarilla

“The Blogging Alien”

Connect with me!

>>Skype: Freddygc1988


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There are so many Internet Marketing Strategies you can learn online for free right now - all thanks to the Power of the Search Engines like Google.com. There will always be so many Internet Marketing Strategies to learn because there will always be creative people that creates them.

You need to get creative with internet marketing and do what works but do it in a unique way, in a way no one else is doing it - or maybe people is just not telling it all online but who cares, keep pushing forwards to be a unique Internet Marketer.

Become a Unique Type of Blogger, a Unique SEO Master, just get creative and mix it up a little bit. There is so much internet marketing information you need to be learning right now. You will never stop learning so I highly suggest you to get started as soon as possible if you want to start creating the life you want to create.

I know what type of life I want to create and I also have learned what type of work and how much work I will have to put in - in order to accomplish it. It will take a lot of Hard Work - don't ever think that making money online is easy. Of course it is once you get the "ball rolling" - once you start making good money online then you can reinvest into the business and outsource most of the had work you had to put in at the beginning.

So it will become easier as you go.

No one ever said that starting an online business that will earn you good monthly residual income was easy but the hard work you put in will only have to be done once. Whatever it takes to get the business up and running and earning you a good Monthly Residual Income on Autopilot.

The internet has the ability to make you a wealthy person. Do not sleep on it!

The concept of making money online is very simple but I guess people need a lot more help with the entire process and how everything needs to get done in order to start making money with the internet. Of course it will always be easier said than done but in a lot of cases it can be the other way around.

There is a lot of knowledge in Internet Marketing, Money and how everything works that I want to share with you. I will be teaching you what you need to know in order to become a really wealthy person in life and I'm not talking about wealthy in money here.

Being really wealthy in life is measured with Time and Not Money. Money is NOT Real but Time is!

So your True Wealth is measured on how long you can survive without having to work at all. This means that if you do not have something that will make you money regardless if you put physical work on it or not then you will not survive very long when you cannot do that anymore.

Your time is Priceless and you should already know that.

Start measuring your wealth in life with time - you can never buy time back but you can always buy money - can you?

Learn how to make money work for you and earn you a passive residual income that will come whether you lift a finger or not. This is the true wealth you should be learning about. This is something I will be talking about in more-depth on my blogs so make sure you follow me.

Getting back to the Internet Marketing subject now, there are so many internet marketing strategies you can learn and you can find them on many internet marketing blogs online.

I have been working on my own internet marketing blogs and even though it is taking me long to get them rolling - I am still working hard to over-deliver to my followers. I will create as much success as possible and people will start to follow me automatically - that is the plan.

Your Success is My Success!

I have been working on building the best internet marketing blogs online and so far they are growing little by little. As a matter of fact I just bought a new domain and started a better Internet Marketing Blog to help thousands of people make money online.

There is just so much to teach about Internet Marketing and with the Knowledge I have about the Power of Money - my mission is now to Empower others online and help them create the True Wealth in life.

I have been working on two awesome Internet Marketing Blogs Online - one is a bit old and the other one is brand new:



As you can see they have very similar names - actually they have the same names. LOL

The reason why is because I kind of made a mistake when I bought the first domain name and got it with Dashes in between the words. I hated it after I bought the domain name and built the entire site. I've realized that it was not appealing, not to me at least since I can be a little bit OCD sometimes.

So a year and more later - I buy the second domain name without the Dashes this time and that is the Blog Site I am using for a cool project I highly recommend you to follow.

My goal with that brand new blog will be to report everything that I do to make it a successful blog with the readers. From Income Reports to Tutorials on How Exactly I got those Results. It will be a wild ride so I hope you are ready to get on this journey with me.

I just wanted to talk to you about Internet Marketing and where you can find the best Internet Marketing Strategies to get the Results you are looking for online. There is no doubt that the information I share on my blogs can get you the results you are looking for - the only challenge will be with your mind and your will power to do all of the necessary work to make it happen.

If you want to learn more on Internet Marketing Strategies and get updates on my own challenges - follow me through my blogs... pick one LOL :)

Thanks for reading this!


I wish you the best success!




- Freddy Gandarilla

“The Blogging Alien”

Connect with me!

>>Skype: Freddygc1988


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